Marconi & Morse Code


SOS...---... SOS...---... SOS...---... What is this??? Wireless communication has not always involved the use of the cell phone! For almost a hundred years we used Morse Code, a code of dots and dashes that stand of individual letters and numbers which were sent by telegraph on radio channels. It can be sent by whistle, buzzer, tapping, flags and many other ways! Learning to use Morse Code is lots of fun--- so I wrote a book to help kids (and adults) learn Morse Code using visual clues.

Using this book, children can learn Morse Code using simple pictures to help them remember each letter. And every child loves secret messages!

This book is available for purchase as:

Softcover, 46 page book


ISBN 978-0-985-800505

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About the Author

Name: Susan Ferris Rights

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Learn to Have Fun Using Morse Code!

Softcover, 46 page book,

ISBN 978-0-985-800505

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