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Today you can visit the Chatham Maritime Marconi Center and learn about the history of wireless communication. But, if you can’t get there you can learn a lot right here!

Visit the Chatham Maritime Marconi Center in Chatham, Mass to experience what it was like to work in a real receiving station in the early 20th century! There are great hands on exhibits and demonstrations that everyone, young and old will enjoy.

Welcome to the World of Wireless Communication!

Wireless communication is something that we use every day. But years ago, we used Morse Code to send messages. This form of communication was based on a series of dots and dashes. For almost a hundred years we used Morse Code, a code of dots and dashes that stand of individual letters and numbers which were sent by telegraph on radio channels. It was sent by whistle, buzzer, tapping, flags and many other ways! It was a very important form of communication for ships as there was no radio or cell phones.

Who invented Morse Code?

Who used Morse Code?

Who was Guglielmo Marconi and what did he invent?

What did they do with the information that was sent via Morse Code?

This site will help you learn all about Morse Code!

Working hard at the Marconi Center

in Chatham, MA many years ago!

Learn Morse Code!

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